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fic: Cookleta
kevin, heart

Title: Shatter

Pairing: Cookleta

Rating: PG, for now

Summary: Cook made his choice, and his choice didn’t include Archie in it.

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys…but if I did, you know my plans =P

A/N: Angsty Prologue…sorry I haven’t been able to post anything productive =\


“David…Please…David,” Cook held his tear-stricken face, trying to catch the eyes that were avoiding his, “stop crying…I’m so…sorry.”


“Cook,” Archuleta held the hands on his face, “there is no other way…” He removed Cook’s hands and squeezed them, his eyes downcast.  “I guess this is good-bye…”


Cook sighed, eyes pleading.  “David, please, don’t…do this…”


“I am…so…” Archie’s voice trailed as he turned his back on Cook.  He took a deep breath, then Cook hugged him from behind.  “…sorry, Cook,” he said weakly, freeing himself from Cook’s grasp, and running away from the man; from the man he loved, running away from his life.


Cook bit his lip, and his knees lowered to the ground.  “David, please…just…turn around…just even…once,” he whispered inaudibly, as Archuleta turned to a corner.  “Please…hear me,” he begged faintly, lips trembling, rain mixing with the tears in his face.




As Archie made his turn, he stopped to catch his breath.  He leant his head on the wall, hair dripping wet.  There was no turning back now.  Cook made his choice, and his choice didn’t include him in it.  He kicked the wall and screamed, not because of the pain on his foot, but because of the pain in his heart.  How can Cook do this to him?  How can he choose her over him?  Archie inhaled deeply and calmly walked away from his spot, eyes devoid of any emotion.


From now on, he wouldn’t be able to sing.  He didn’t lose his voice or his talent.  He lost neither his inspiration nor his heart.  He lost his existence, for without Cook…


“I mean nothing.”




A/N: as of now, this fic is still plot-less…so please don’t kill me =| this was just a fic-on-a-whim after I heard HSM2’s Gotta Go My Own Way on my iPod…miserable, I know…that’s why my muse forced me to write this one-page-in-Word fic prologue =______=

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OMGosh! what the heck happened??? dang it, tell me! X_X

color me curious, i can't wait to see what happens next.

I really like this.
I can't wait to see where you are going with this.

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