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toma wallpaper
kevin, heart

first try at making a toma wp! =P

comments are greatly appreciated =)


if you want the unmarked one, just comment here with your email and i'll send it to you ^___^

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(Deleted comment)
btw, i'm also anime_chiq the one who friended you a few weeks ago =P

aww, it's cute! keep up the work! oh, and welcome! my name is aya- yoroshiku, ne!

hai! my name is giecel, hajimemashite, ne!

hey hey! Keep up the good work, the wallie is cute

hey i'm a new toma fan! i saw him in hana kimi and well..i was totally hooked..i couldn't help i watched honey and clover too! you mind if i invite you?:)

he's in HYD2 too (as junpei) =P

it's fine with me =))

snagging the wallpaper. love toma! thanks! :)

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