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Cookleta is pure love~!
kevin, heart

Title: Archie’s Math Homework

Pairing: Cookleta

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Archie finds his Math homework really hard, and Cook is more than willing to help…

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys…but if I did, Caldwell will be out of the picture and Cook would ask Archie out on live tv in broad daylight =P

A/N: Sorry if I suck =\ this is my first time at RPS and at writing Cookleta (but they’re my OTP though ^__^)…it’s also the first time I’m writing fanfiction after a long, long time…so, you might find it kinda crappy ^__^” and if you see any grammatical errors or such, please feel free to notify me…this was written on-the-spot while I was half-awake and my creative muse suddenly came back after 5mos of vacation -____- and therefore, it’s un-beta-ed =\ nwei…this happened probably during their last week =)


"Hey Archie!" David Cook greeted as he slumped on the couch previously occupied only by David Archuleta.  Archie looked up from the Math homework that he was trying to answer.  “Hi,” he answered politely, giving Cook a smile only a David Archuleta can pull off even under stress.


Cook grinned back, and then peered at what Archie was holding.  “Ooh, Math,” he commented.  “You know, I used to be pretty good in Math when I was your age,” he added, smirking at himself, reaching for a nearby magazine.


“Really?” Archie responded, his eyes never leaving the paper.  Man, this is hard, he thought.  “How good exactly?” he asked, still not looking at his older namesake who was trying to bug him.


Cook put down the magazine and sighed.  “How good, huh?” he said, in deep contemplation.  “Well,” he started, one of his hands taking the homework from Archie, causing the younger David to narrow his brows in protest.  “I do know that a man named Cook added with a guy affectionately called ‘Archie’ by everyone equals this.”  He then took Archie’s soft lips in his and proceeded to kiss him softly but passionately.  One of his hands found its way to Archie’s waist and pulled him closer, the other, meanwhile, held Archie’s face steadily.


Archie was surprised by what Cook did, not only because it wasn’t the kind of “Math” he was expecting, but also because, one, they were both guys, and kissing isn’t something normal guys normally do, and two, he knew that Cook left the door unlocked, therefore, anyone can come in anytime and have a free full view of what the two Idol contestants were doing.  But when Cook started to deepen the kiss, he felt his whole body weaken.  Good thing Cook was holding him; else he would have fallen from his seat.  He felt Cook’s impatient tongue licking his lips, and that was all what he needed, no matter how illogical it may seem.  He temporarily shunned away all the remaining sanity that his brain had and savored the moment.


“Mphft,” Archie unintelligently grumbled against Cook’s mouth, his hands gently tugging at the front of Cook’s shirt.  Cook heard it and pulled away, cocking his head to one side in question.  “You forgot to lock the door,” he said timidly, bowing his head, his cheeks tainted with thousands of shades of red and pink.


Cook tried to suppress a laugh that threatened to burst out after hearing and seeing Archie.  “Yeah, okay,” he said as he stood up to lock the door.  After he came back, he asked, “Happy now?”


Archie nodded, sporting a small smile that didn’t go unnoticed by Cook.  The older man took that as a green light, “Now, where was I…ah!  I was showing you how good I was in Math!”


He reached again for Archie’s face and kissed him on the lips, then his cheek, then his neck.  While kissing, he pulled the younger man onto his lap to make things easier.  As he was nibbling at Archie’s jaw, which was causing the other to squirm slightly, he let one of his hands wander, and miraculously, it found its way at the hem of Archie’s shirt.  “Archie,” he said in an undertone against the younger man’s neck, “You’re ticklish, right?”


“Yeah,” Archie answered breathlessly.  “And what you’re doing right now is tickling me.”


“Good,” Cook said, satisfied with Archie’s answer.  “That's why, I shall tickle you more,” he whispered, his hands darting up and against Archie’s skin.  His touch sent sparks of electricity traveling through Archie’s body, causing the younger namesake to moan in satisfaction.  “That’s more like it,” Cook said, clearly pleased at how Archie’s was responding.


“Cook,” Archie said, tugging at Cook’s shirt again.


Cook looked at him and raised an eyebrow.  “I’m in the middle of my ministrations, so that better be important,” he said, looking straight at the person that was on his lap.  Archie pouted involuntarily.  “I need to finish my homework,” he said.


“So homework is more important than me?” Cook asked, hoping to coax Archie into taking things a step further.  Sure, he was fast, but he can’t help it, especially if you’re doing it with someone as adorable and irresistible as David Archuleta.


Archie looked thoughtful, then firm.  “Yes,” he replied, resolutely.  “Because if I didn’t do my homework now, we won’t have the time to continue this later in a more comfortable place and position,” he added, kissing Cook’s forehead.  Cook nodded his head in agreement.  “Okay, fine by me,” he said, raising his arms, which made Archie laugh in amusement.


“Don’t worry,” Archie said as he moved to step away from Cook.  “I learned a lot from that demonstration of yours,” he continued as he picked up the neglected Math homework from the floor.


“Hey, it’s good to learn a thing or two from the experts, you know,” Cook said in defense.  Archie laughed again and proceeded to unlock the door.  Cook motioned him to sit down beside him, something that Archie willingly did.  When Archie was comfortably seated against him, Cook whispered, “I love you.”


Archie smiled and looked at Cook lovingly.  “I love you too,” he answered.  “And by the way, it was you who christened me ‘Archie’, so don’t complain about everyone affectionately calling me that, okay?”


Cook laughed and retorted a “Yes, sire,” before pulling Archie into a hug and letting him do his homework properly.


As for Archie, he concluded that this was the best Math homework he ever did.


A/N: So, should I continue it or should I stop? Should I write more cookleta or not? =\ waa~! I just can’t get these two out of my system…haha =P Comments are greatly appreciated ^__^

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so fluffy and adorable! i approve this fic. `=D

dan radcliffe~! how cute =P nwei..thanks, glad you liked it ^__^

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