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fic: Cookleta
kevin, heart

Title: Post-homework Flirting (I can’t think of other titles =\)

Pairing: Cookleta

Rating: from PG-13 to R (for kissing and flirting…and it’s suggestive theme, depending on who’s the reader…)

Summary: Archie finishes his homework and Cook is planning something…

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys…but if I did, you know my plans =P

A/N: sequel to Archie’s Math Homework =) enjoy~!


“Whew!” David Archuleta cried exhaustedly.  He closed his book and notebook, put his pen’s cap back and stretched his arms as far out as he can.  “Hey Cookie-doo…wakey-wakey…” Archie said in a sing-song voice, tapping the napping David Cook’s cheeks gently.


Cook opened his eyes and stretched.  “You done?” he asked his newfound lover, stifling a yawn that threatened to come out.  He just woke up from the short nap he took while Archie finished his Math.  Archie smiled, then positioned himself on Cook’s lap and pinched Cook’s cheeks.


“Nope,” he answered.  Cook’s brows met in confusion.  “I’m David,” Archie continued, giggled, and then laughed at his self.


“Did you just try to crack a joke on me, young man?” Cook asked, half-amusedly, half-accusingly.  He took Archie’s small hands into his and continued to say, “Because it isn’t effective.”


Archie shot his head backwards, laughed and giggled harder.  Cook didn’t know what annoyed him more – the fact that he’s now the receiving end of a corny joke or because he had to choose between kissing Archie until his lips are swollen or watching him giggle and laugh uncontrollably.  It’s probably the last one, he thought.  Making up his mind, he captured Archie’s open mouth in mid-laugh with his.  As soon as their lips met, Cook put his tongue inside Archie’s mouth, causing the latter to moan in ecstasy.


But Cook’s wandering tongue didn’t stop Archie from giggling and smiling.  Cook pulled away.  “I feel like I’m kissing a high school girl, and not David Archuleta,” he said.


“You surprised me! I can’t help it,” Archie said in defense, loosening his hands from Cook’s grip and wrapping them around the man’s neck.  “And besides, your feeling is half-correct…I mean, I still am in high school.”


You hear that Cook? The kid admitted it…he’s still in high school, his conscience reprimanded him.  “Yeah,” Cook said faintly, his arms wrapping around Archie’s hips.  “Still in high school.”


“Huh?” Archie asked, concern written all over his face.  “What did you say?” He looked at Cook, the man’s eyes were downcast.  “Hey, are you okay?” Archie asked.


Cook looked at Archie, seriously.  “I…You…” he said.  Cook leveled his face with Archie.  “We…can’t continue this…I’m…You’re still in…” he stopped, trying to find the right words.  “…high school,” he continued, voice strained, as if saying the two words pained him greatly.


Archie lowered his arms, but Cook stopped him.  “Please, let me, at least, feel your arms around me,” he said, eyes pleading.  Archie raised one of his hands to touch Cook’s face, feeling the rough freshly shaven hair against his smooth hand.  Cook leaned into his touch and closed his eyes.  “Why are you saying this just now?” Archie asked him.


“You…reminded me of it,” Cook answered.  “I forgot about it already, then…”


“I don’t care,” Archie told him.  “I want to be with you.  I want you, high school or not.”


“But what about your fu–” Cook opened his eyes and tried to reason, but Archie cut him out.  He crashed his lips against the older man, wrapping his arms around Cook’s neck.  Instinctively, Cook deepened the kiss, licking Archie’s bottom lip to ask for access.  But Archie pulled away slightly, and that annoyed Cook.  “Now, what was that we were talking about again?” Archie asked, his tongue licking Cook’s lips.  “About you surprising me?” Archie smirked seductively.


That did it.  This boy’s mind is beyond a high school student’s.  So conscience, shut up, Cook said.


“Yeah, about that,” Cook whispered, as sexily as he can.  “If I didn’t kiss you and stopped you from being all giddy and giggly, I would’ve perished at your cuteness right then and there,” he said in a “matter-of-fact” tone, eyes looking straight at Archie’s.  Archie’s smile grew wider and his cheeks were suddenly tainted with a rosy shade of pink.


Now that’s the face that even Helen of Trot would envy, Cook thought to himself.


He inhaled deeply and returned Archie’s smile.  “Are you sure you’re okay with us?” Cook asked him.  Archie nodded, then touched his forehead with Cook’s.  They closed their eyes and Cook gave him a light peck on the lips, which, in turn, made the younger one hug him tighter.


“You know,” Archie said, face buried in Cook’s neck.  “Good thing that you didn’t die.  Because if you did, people’ll find out about us…and…I would’ve died instantly too.”


“Well, if we both died that way, it’ll be tragic,” Cook said.  “Just like Romeo and Juliet…the press’ll love it.  I can only imagine the headlines.  America’s Idols: Gay, In Love and Dead!’”  They both laughed at what Cook said.


“That was witty,” Archie said.  Cook smiled.  Who would’ve thought that rough, rocker David Cook would fall for sweet, little Archie?


When Cook said nothing, Archie continued talking.  “Yeah, the press’ll love it.  A contemporary Romeo and Juliet…” he agreed.  “Only, it’ll be called David and…David? That sounded weird.”  He chuckled again, causing Cook to slightly jerk.  Archie suddenly pulled back from his comfortable position to stare at Cook wide-eyed, which, Cook noted, was incredibly, absolutely and extremely sexy…and adorable, but more significantly, sexy.  “You’re ticklish too!” Archie exclaimed.


“Only because you chuckled straight into my neck,” Cook replied, one second too fast.  Archie was staring again, and Cook’s face reddened a little.


“But still, you’re ticklish,” Archie pointed out.  Cook sighed in defeat.  Archie’s smile suddenly became naughty, but still cute.  He feigned to hug Cook again, but as he moved closer, he blew into Cook’s ear.  Cook jumped in surprise, and Archie almost lost his balance and fell to the floor.  Cook pushed him closer, causing Archie to feel something hard beneath him, which turned his smile from naughtily cute to devilishly adorable.  Cook took a sharp intake of breath and stopped himself from moaning in pleasure.


“Ooh, Cookie seemed to like it,” Archie teased.  Cook fisted the couch, then put his hands on Archie’s hips.


“Oh, so you finally noticed,” Cook responded sarcastically.  “So now, can we move to more important matters?” he said, gripping Archie’s ass to assert his point.  By doing so, he made Archie jump a bit in surprise, and rub his groin into the something bulging between Cook’s thighs, for the second time.  “Ooh…Archie…you’re…such…a tease…” Cook moaned in between breaths, throwing his head back in pleasure.


“Call me David,” Archie stated.  Cook looked at Archie.  “I said call me David,” the younger man repeated.


“Why?”  Cook asked.  “Archie’s cuter.  It suits you better…” he said.


“But everybody’s calling me that!” Archie pouted.  “Because it suits you better,” Cook repeated, caressing Archie’s cheek.


Archie pouted again.  Cook stared.  Archie pouted.  Cook stared.  Archie, not willing to give up, put his last card on the table.  He gave Cook the puppy eyes.  Cook stared, resolve starting to falter.  Archie continued to pout and give him the puppy eyes.  Cook stared still, then closed his eyes.  He gave up.  One can never win against Archie’s puppy eyes.


“And Archuleta wins the round,” Cook said, quoting Simon Cowell.  Archie’s face lighted up.  “But first tell me why…everybody’s calling you Archie…why can’t I?” Cook asked.


“That’s precisely why!” Archie said.  “You’re not everybody…you’re…something else,” Archie continued.


“I’m something else?” Cook repeated.  “What exactly is something else?”


Boyfriend?  Lover?  Dare he say it?  These thoughts ran through Archie’s mind.  He looked at Cook, cheeks reddening.  “Uh…” was all he can say.


“So…” Cook interrupted his thoughts.  “What exactly is something else?”


“You’re…mine,” Archie said, puffing his cheeks as soon as the words came out.  He blushed really hard, the pink and redness reaching his ears and forehead.  It was Cook’s turn to laugh now.  “You look like a tomato!” he told Archie.


Archie lightly smacked Cook’s shoulders, a move which, supposedly, stopped Cook from laughing.  “Okay, okay, I’m sorry! But you do look like a tomato,” Cook said, still laughing.  Then he had a thought.  “And you know what cooks do to tomatoes?” he asked Archie softly.


Archie felt suddenly suspicious, and horny.  “They cut them up?” he guessed.


“No,” Cook said.  “We juice them,” he corrected Archie, his hands traveling up inside Archie’s shirt.  Archie gasped.  “Now, up and we’ll go to my room.  This place is too accessible for many people,” Cook whispered in Archie’s ear.  “After all, this particular cook here can be a bit unselfish and sharing…especially with tomatoes like you.”


tbc =)


A/N: I know I’m bad…but I’m still trying to learn how to write a smex scene…so, I cut it here =P but I’m near it…I’ve started the first few paragraphs =P

A/N2: i noticed that Bedingfield's If You're Not The One is a cookleta song =P

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LOL bad Cookie~ Very, very naughty.. *whips*

hihi..who wouldn't be when you're with archie?? >=) haha =P

Actually, that would be me. lawl~ We need a loooooong whip right now. >=D =P a long whip makes me think of maughty things..haha =))

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