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fic: Cookleta
kevin, heart

Title: Tranquility

Pairing: Cookleta

Rating: PG-13

Summary: Cook wakes up from his dream…

Disclaimer: I do not own the boys…but if I did, you know my plans =P

A/N: it’s a baby fic…well, born from these comments =) enjoy~! ^______^



“Archie, what is that?”


“Oh, him?  He’s our baby!”




Cook suddenly woke up, and, despite the cold wind brought by the rain outside, beads of sweat were forming on his forehead.  He just had a dream of Archie, supposedly nothing unusual, beaming up to him and flashing that beautiful curse of his, his smile.  But what freaked out Cook the most was the fact that he was holding up a baby.


Yes, a baby.  Cook didn’t understand why the thought bothered him.  Maybe because in his dream, Archie said it’s their baby.  Not another person’s.  Not an orphan.  Not an abandoned child.  Their baby.


He lied down again on his bed.  No, scratch that.  He lied down again on their bed.  His and Archie’s.  It’s been more than a year since Idol, a few months after Archie turned into an adult.


They’re way past the “brotherly love” stage now, and they’re living together.  He’s 26, Archie’s 18.  He’s a rock star dude, Archie’s a well-known balladeer.  He’s very fond of his stubble, Archie maintains a clean shave.  He’s America’s sex symbol, Archie’s the adorable boy-next-door.  He loves Archie, Archie loves him.


“Oh, Daddy! You’re finally awake,” Archie said, his head poking through the door, interrupting Cook’s thoughts.


Oh yeah, don’t forget the fact that he’s Daddy, and Archie’s momm–


“What!?”  Cook asked, sitting up straight.  “Did you just call me ‘Daddy’?”


Archie skipped happily towards Cook, sitting right next to him.  He cuddled up against the man’s bare chest.  “Yup,” he answered.


Cook tried processing what Archie said.  “Daddy?” he asked again.  “Is this one of those role-playing things that makes your sex life more exciting?”  Cook asked, one brow rose above the other.  “’Coz if it is, I’m still tired from last night, honey…can we just do it later?” he said huskily, placing soft kisses in random spots in Archie’s head.


Archie’s eyes widened, then he burst into fits of laughter.  “No, silly you!” he said, rubbing the tears that escaped from his eyes.  He stood up and pulled Cook to his feet.  “Come, I want you to meet someone.”


Cook held his lover’s outstretched hand and allowed Archie to drag him out of the bed.  He was just in his boxer briefs, shirtless and all, but Archie didn’t seem to mind.  It was, after all, an everyday occurrence to both of them.  Archie had seen him in all his nakedness even.


Archie led him to their house’s spare room – the one they presented as “Archie’s room” whenever some celebrity talk show or house-oriented program decided to drop by and “magically transform” their personal space into “something new”.  Just an excuse to trash into somebody else’s house and let the whole world know about the celebrities’ sloppiness or, in Archie’s case, lack thereof.


Upon entering the room, Archie let go of Cook’s hand and cautiously climbed on the bed, and sat next to a tiny thing covered in white cloth.  Cook stayed by the door and looked at the white thing.  Archie playfully cooed the white thing, while arranging and smoothing the cloth here and there.


Then the white thing stirred.


Cook’s eyes widened.  He blinked and rubbed his eyes, then blinked again.  He couldn’t believe his eyes.  Cook peered closely and saw two mitten-covered hands come out of the bundle.  Was he dreaming again?


Archie loosened the bundle.  Then out came a pair of small arms, attached to a small body with a small, bonneted head, with a short pair of pajama-clad legs and small, socked feet.  In short, a baby.


Cook was dumbfounded.  He pinched his arms and cried “ow!” before stepping closer to Archie.


“Sshh!” Archie reprimanded him softly.  “You’ll wake him up.”


“Archie…”  Cook said, sitting beside Archie.  “What…who…how?  Last time I checked, you’re a guy, and besides, it takes 9 months before a baby comes out…”


Archie giggled and snuggled closer to Cook.  He took Cook’s arms and wrapped one around his waist, while leading the other to the baby’s small body.


“The garbage man gave him to me this morning,” Archie explained.  “He said he found him by our garbage can.”


“Our…garbage can?”  Cook asked incredulously.  Archie nodded.  “How did he end up there?”


“Well, don’t ask me,” Archie replied.  “I don’t know.  His parents probably left him there or something.”


Cook looked at his hand that was resting on top of the baby’s small thigh.  He then caressed the baby’s back, causing him to move in his sleep.


“He…” Cook couldn’t find the right words.  “He looks so…”


“Beautiful,” Archie sighed, leaning his head on Cook’s neck.  Cook nodded in agreement.  His other hand traveled to Archie’s head, pushing him closer.  “Yeah,” Cook answered.


“I don’t understand why his parents left him…” Archie breathed.  “When the garbage man gave him to me, he was wet and cold from the rain.  But he wasn’t crying that I thought he was dead.  I was really nervous and…and I felt like crying…”


“Then?  What did you do?”  Cook asked Archie, looking straight into his eyes.  He already knew the answer, but he asked anyway.  He knew Archie.  The guy wanted him to respond and ask questions when he’s telling him something, even if the answer is oh-so-obvious.


“I fought back my tears and dried him,” Archie continued.  “That’s when I felt his slow breathing…”


“Oh,” Cook replied.  He looked at the baby again.  Archie put his hand over Cook’s.  Cook smiled and transferred both his hands to Archie’s waist and enveloped him in a hug.


“I was so relieved the moment I felt his breathing,” Archie told Cook.  Cook nuzzled Archie’s neck, telling him to go on.  “Gosh, maybe that’s how parents feel when they watch their kids…”


Cook continued to place kisses in Archie’s neck.  Archie tilted his head to give Cook more access.  “What do you plan on doing now?”  Cook asked while nibbling on Archie’s earlobe.


“I was thinking,” Archie said, feeling a bit ticklish.  “Maybe we can adopt him.”


Cook stopped and looked at Archie.  “Are you sure?” he asked.


“Yeah, I guess so,” Archie answered, tightening Cook’s arms around him.


“Even if it means less rest time?”  He asked again.  Archie nodded.  “Okay,” Cook finally said.


“Oh wow!” Archie’s eyes widened in delight.  “Really?  You’re really okay with it?”


“If it’s okay with you, then it’s fine with me too,” Cook reassured him.  “Even if it means less lemony after-dinner desserts for me,” he whispered in Archie’s ears.


Archie giggled softly.  To him, everything was perfect.




A/N:  I don’t know if I should leave it there or continue it…one shot or multi-chaptered?? Tell me what you think =)

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This was cute! Continue it.:>:>:>

thank you..i probably might =P

Very sweet. <3

I think it would be nice to just leave it at that, but if you're up to a multi-chapter one, by all means continue. I'll just be reading and commenting on them. (;

Awww. So adorable. I'm undecided about whether or not you should continue it. I mean, it stands great by itself, but it also has the potentional to be an awesome chapter fic. So, whichever you decide, I'll just go with the flow. :D

yay! thank you ^__^

i think i'll probably continue it =P

They’re way past the “brotherly love” stage now, and they’re living together. He’s 26, Archie’s 18. He’s a rock star dude, Archie’s a well-known balladeer. He’s very fond of his stubble, Archie maintains a clean shave. He’s America’s sex symbol, Archie’s the adorable boy-next-door. He loves Archie, Archie loves him.

I ♥ this part! :) I initially misread "balladeer" as "ballerina", I was like WTF? XD

Please go on! Cookleta baby fics are popping up like mushrooms! :)

And an extra love for you listening to Westlife!

haha..archie in tutus..roflmao =))'s coz of those comments =P

westlife are ♥~! they're my all-time fave group ^__^

lol i definitely like this better than archie getting pregnant 0_o.
i just cant get used to the idea

raptor jesus dinobot christ told me not to

gotta listen to him :P

archie getting pregnant is weird..but ingenious =P

mhmm..thanks for the advice =) i'll think about it ^__^

BEAUTIFULL!! I loved it!! aww I think i might cry because of Archie's sweetness *0*

You have to go on!

aww..*hands over a tissue* just in case..haha =)) thinking about it ^__^

(Deleted comment)
thanks =) im glad you liked it ^__^

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