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kevin, heart
here are some icon's that i've been hiding for so long =P [you've probably seen most..since ive probably used them..] use if you want..just don't forget to credit =P

and please do forgive me for being not an expert..i just learned how to make icons last May =\ the fact that i didn't put many others proves that im not that satisfied with all of my creations =P

[5] toma
[1] aiba
[1] koni
[1] kyouya
[2] archie
[3] cookleta/cook
[2] channaka
[2] text




please do comment so i can improve ^____^

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Stole the dorky smile one; <33!

aww..okay..haha =))

that was one of my favorites..and one of the firsts =P

(Deleted comment)
supposedly, there's a takumi one there..but i was just not satisfied with i decided to not include it =\ takumi's too gorgeous to be an icon =))

nwei..i'll try to make some for you (and me!) haha =))

(Deleted comment)
okie okie =) i'll post it as soon as i can =P

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